Mikhail (Mike) Dereviannykh specializes in graphics and deep learning, with a focus on both direct and inverse online and offline rendering. He earned scholarships for his studies at HSE University through his achievements in programming tournaments and graduated in 2021 with a BS in Software Engineering.

During his undergraduate studies, Mikhail researched the use of 3D convolutional neural networks for predicting real-time radiance fields in game development. His bachelor thesis, titled "Spherical Gaussians Radiance Volumes For Production Real-time Rendering," is currently under review for publication in a computer graphics journal.

Mikhail is now working towards his PhD at the KIT Institute for Visualization and Data, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. C. Dachsbacher. In 2022, he published a paper on the application of path-guiding in real-time path tracing, which was accepted at Eurographics.

Between 2015 and 2017, Mikhail was the main programmer for the mobile game "Hungry Jump" with the remote team "WellDone Games." In 2018, he joined Eagle Dynamics as an R&D Graphics Engineer, working on the DCS World AAA gaming simulator. By 2021, he was promoted to Senior Graphics R&D Engineer, completing the VFX Damaging System project among other tasks, and exploring real-time AI global illumination and various rendering optimizations.

To contact Mikhail Dereviannykh, reach out via Telegram @Mishok43 or email at devmishok@gmail.com. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn